serge leonso

I would like to tell a few words about myself.
It would be not very modest of me to say that I have considered myself a creative person ever since I was a child. My passion for photography developed when I was a schoolboy. It was interesting to take photos of everything – nature, pets; if we went somewhere with my parents the camera was always in my hands even though my first photos were not very correct. Time passed, life changed including technical developments. The permanent thing was the camera (it had changed in time, too) in my hands ready to take photos of something extraordinary.
A few years later, when I was 15, when there were different celebrations and parties at school, I understood that the real delight was to capture people’s emotions, the atmosphere of joy – the pleasure of holding different concerts, humour shows, girls’ and teachers’ tears and balloons flying up in the sky at Prom… And later it was University period where there were even more those happy or touching events. And once our friends invited us to their… wedding. To tell the truth at that moment I couldn’t even imagine how I would be overfilled with emotions. Just then I realized that it was it – the direction I wanted to follow. To be present at one of the most important events in two people’s lives, to witness sincere emotions, to see the excitement in the eyes of bride and groom eager to start their wedding day, tears in moms’ eyes, dads once happy and at the same moment trying to keep their feelings, cheerful friends… And the most important thing is to keep all these moments in people’s memory by taking photos. You can’t even imagine what feelings overfill me when already husband and wife watch their photos and begin to remember the moments of that happy day and thank me for those emotions and feelings…
I think that this “background” would be enough. Be happy! And it would be pleasure for me to be a part of the most important events in your life and keep them in your memory for ages!